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Australian Visitor Visa For Thai Applicant

Without a doubt, Thais are slowly becoming fascinated with Australia’s unique appeal as their new favorite vacation destination. A visit to Australia to explore education and employment prospects while visiting the Sydney Opera House next door, hopping with kangaroos in Tasmania for the more adventurous people, to meet your Australian friends, boyfriends and relatives, or just to experience the side of Down Under of life are some of the compelling reasons why Thais like to go on vacation to Australia.

However, this plan is never easy to implement, especially in the case of ordinary Thais who need to go through the visa application procedure in order to enter Australia for a visit. It is true that applying for a visa is a complicated process, especially for first-time applicants who are not familiar with the procedure.


Types of Tourist Visas

Since Thais cannot apply for the Electronic Travel Authority, which is an Australian visa for visitor  that can be applied online or regulated by travel agents and airlines, they are left with the option of applying for a tourist visa the way habitual. In particular, Thais can apply for a tourist visa in the following visitor visa subcategories: Tourist Visa (subclass 676) РThis is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia for a period of three, six or even one year. Sponsored Family Visitor Visa (Subclass 679) РThis visa is for those who wish to visit their families or relatives in Australia for a maximum of 12 months. This requires the formal patronage of the Australian citizen or permanent resident visited.


Just like when applying for a tourist visa for other countries, testing an Australian tourist visa involves meeting certain visa requirements. The Australian government wants to ensure that the visa applicant returns home after their authorized visit to Australia, so it is imperative to demonstrate your strong ties to Thailand. Your relationships with Thailand can be in the form of employment, assets, assets, savings accounts, and dependents. These relationships must be properly established and documented to be recognized by the embassy. Apart from these relationships, the visa officer will also investigate the financial situation of the applicant. Can you support yourself financially during your stay in Australia? Or if you were to go there taking care of your Australian friend or relatives, are your sponsors financially stable to take care of your expenses and provide you with housing when you get there? For this requirement, you must show a savings account or income statement, bank statements, and other evidence of your financial capacity. Your sponsor will also need to declare that they want to sponsor you by submitting to a financial review by the Australian government. This is part of formalizing the sponsorship process. Finally, it is always a good idea to include a copy of the itinerary in your application to show the employee your clear purpose for their stay in the country.



For the regular tourist visa known as subclass 676, the usual visa process applies. The visa applicant completes the form and submits the supporting documents for their application. Documents include your itinerary, savings account, account books, deeds, health insurance, and more. Once everything is ready and complete, you can go to the Australian embassy and submit your visa application. The corresponding visa application fee is expected to be paid. The Embassy takes 5-10 business days to process your visa application. On the other hand, applicants under the sponsored visitor visa follow a more detailed procedure for their visa application. It includes the following two steps: Step 1: The applicant completes the application form and submits it together with the relevant supporting documents to the Australian sponsor. Step 2: The sponsor completes the sponsorship form and then submits it along with all the visa application forms and documents. The sponsor will also pay for the visa application on behalf of the sponsored visa applicant. It should be noted that applications can be submitted through sponsorship at the nearest DIAC office. Visa applications are generally processed in the state or territory in which the sponsor lives. Processing of this type of visa takes 6 weeks but may take longer depending on your circumstances.


Visa application

If your visa is approved, the visa label will be stamped in your passport with the details and conditions of the visa. You should be careful with these details and ask the officer if there are any details that are not clear to you. If your visa is not approved, the embassy will send you a denial letter detailing the reasons for the denial, your review rights, and a deadline to file an appeal (if applicable).


You can honestly go through the Australian tourist visa application process yourself. However, if you are not sure that you are doing the right thing because you really do not understand the process and requirements, then it is advisable to enlist the services of a reputable visa agent to assist you. The visa agent should be able to help you in the right way to do this and thus increase the chances that your visa application will be approved.

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