Best Sport for Kids to Start Playing

Ask 10 people what is the best sport that kids can start playing with and you will probably get 10 different answers, but an undisputed fact is that children don’t have to start playing organized sport until they are five. at least. In this article, you will find tips that can help you choose the best sport for your child. Before the age of five, most children simply do not have the cognitive skills necessary to participate effectively in most sports. I have used the phrase “most children” because there will always be a few parents who insist that their child be the exception to the rule.

Best Sport for Kids to Start Playing

Choose the right sport

All other things being equal, the best sport for children is one in which they have already shown an interest. Talk to their teachers at school, watch them on the playground, and don’t forget to ask your child what sport he enjoys.

The second best sport a parent has played and is familiar with the rules and strategies. The upside is that a parent can give their child a head start on other kids, and the downside is that parents tend to overeat and spoil the fun when they start teaching their kids. to play a game they like.

You will also need to take your child’s natural abilities into account when choosing a sport. Is your child athletic, tall, old, fast, goofy, funky, shy, tough, aggressive or have any of the hundreds of traits that could make one sport more suitable than another?

Here’s a tip that could make a big difference in your child’s overall athletic career

Take a look at the age requirements and start dates for different sports. If you can find a sport that your child loves and the start date and age requirements allow your child to be the one of the older kids, it can make a huge difference in their success. At the age of 5 to 8 years, the age difference of 10 months equates to a big difference in cognitive ability. Older kids still stand out on tests, get more coach attention, and generally get more play time.

Best Sport for Kids to Start Playing s

Time restrictions are something that most parents tend to forget when choosing a sport for their children. The higher the technique required to be successful in a sport, the longer the training time required and the more the child will need to practice this sport throughout the year.

The more sport-oriented the sport, while still requiring time for practice to be successful, the easier it is for a child to acquire and experience successful play early on. Almost any child who wants to compete hard, will be fine in the early years, although things change quickly as they get older.

Artistic sports

  • Base Ball
  • Soft Ball
  • Tennis
  • to swim
  • Athletic sport
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

Whatever sport you decide to remember to let your child try out as many sports as they want, you never know what has the real talent for it. Also remember the most important thing, sport is meant to be fun; After all, it is only sport.

Oh yeah, the number one sport I would recommend for any kid would be soccer, and I think not having to use their hands and being isolated (unless you’re a goalie) helps kids to have the most fun with as little stress as possible.

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