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K-3 Marriage Visa Process Complete Information

fiance visa usa

The process of obtaining a United States visa can be overwhelming and confusing because there are many different categories of visas, and each category has a slightly different method of processing through the United States immigration system. There are three main types of US family visa classes available to fiancees …

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EVisa to Bahrain – Back to Basics

bahrain visa

In 2016, the Home Office began offering e-visas to eligible travelers. In fact, it is a kind of travel permit for visitors to enter the country. Fortunately, you can apply online and receive an eVisa by email. Let’s find out more about that. Who should get the Bahrain e-Visa? Before …

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What Is Electronic Travel Authorization Canada?


The term eTA stands for electronic travel authorization. This is a pre-selection process for people from more than 50 countries. Residents of these countries can go to Canada without obtaining a real visa. Some of the popular countries on this list include European countries, Great Britain, Japan, and Australia. Let’s …

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How to Get an E-Visa to Oman


Oman is located in the Middle East. Although Oman is not a well known country in the world, it is a hidden treasure. People visit it for its fascinating architecture and vast desert. In this article, we will learn about the eVisa for Oman. Keep reading to know more. What …

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E-Visa to Sri Lanka How Do You Apply for It?

Sri Lanka evisa

In Sri Lanka, a national government was formed in the 20th century for political independence. In 1948, after peace negotiations, independence was granted. The Tamil Tigers are closed at the end of 2009. Therefore, the country is completely safe to visit now. However, what worries the country is the fact …

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