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How To Work In the US On a Temporary Work Visa

If you are looking to work in the United States on a non-immigrant visa according to federal laws, you will need to apply for the specific visa based on the work you are doing. Most non-immigrant visas must be approved by the USCIS after the prospective employer files the petition. Only then can you apply for the visa under any of these temporary work visas:

Q-Visa for international cultural exchange visitors
L visa within the transferred company
O Visa: Foreigners / Foreigners with Extraordinary Ability in Education / Art / Business / Sports
The H-1B visa: Hiring a professional based on high skills, management and critical knowledge.
H-2 visa: temporary agricultural employment / seasonal workers
D visa: crew members
R visa: religious workers
E Visa: Investor and Trader
Visa: International media, press and radio

How To Work In the US On a Temporary Work Visa
If you are considering some of these visas, it is helpful for you to know that the temporary farm worker and temporary worker visa requires the approval of a potential employer from the Ministry of Labor along with a work certificate and other considerations for a new or potential employee submit the visa application. After receiving the permits, an employer can file the required petition for a non-immigrant worker, an essential step required by the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Service.

How To Work In the US On a Temporary Work Visa

But before applying for a temporary work visa, you must get approval from the USCIS on Form I-129, which is a non-immigrant worker petition. The prospective employer must submit the form at least 6 months in advance for processing, before employment begins. When the petition is approved, the employer will receive a Notice of Employment or Form I-797. Although the rules have changed over the years, the United States Consulate requires the receipt number on the I-129 petition to verify and authenticate the visa application.

Some of the documents required to complete include:

Form DS-160, which is an online non-immigrant visa application, must be submitted online

A valid passport with a lease agreement validity 6 months after completing your stay in the United States

A recent 2 x 2-inch passport photo as per the specific requirements of the US Consulate.

For those applying for a comprehensive L visa, they need Form I-129S

How To Work In the US On a Temporary Work Visa

Under current immigration rules, workers seeking temporary visas regardless of L, H, I, O, or Q visas must meet the eligibility requirements for each specific category. But whether or not you qualify for the required visa depends on the consulate officer. It is best to apply for a temporary work visa at the US Consulate in your home country as it is difficult to qualify for it if you are in the US or any other country.

At the time of the interview for a temporary work visa, a fingerprint scan is done and although some visa applicants may need an additional administrative application and document processing that takes a few more days. However, in case you need help preparing for your interview and documenting your visa, there are experienced immigration attorneys and visa legal aid services that can help you obtain the required documentation before submitting your visa application. temporary job.

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