The Sports Industry – How to Find Your Dream Job

Although jobs in the sports industry may seem plentiful, it is a very competitive field. The industry is divided into ten divisions and contains thousands of jobs in sporting events, trade shows and meetings, sports sponsors, sports media, sports facilities, retailers, sports manufacturers and professional sports services .

Sport Industry

This industry in particular has large revenues, complex infrastructure, and impacting the lives of many people through media and engagement. To fully understand the nature of the sports industry, it is important to know that it is made up of several elements:

  • Various components in the sports industry
  • Sporting goods – equipment manufacturers, street sports retailers
  • Management, provision and maintenance of facilities – motorsport facilities, stadiums, sports and entertainment centers
  • Sports training
  • Sports tourism – Packages for fans participating in World Cup or Olympiad matches
  • Sport development – sport development initiatives, administrative bodies of various sports, responsible for the development of sport within the local community
  • Games of chance / sports betting
  • Professional sport

Health and Fitness – Health clubs, GP referral plans, personal fitness


Sports medicine – sports injury clinics and physiotherapists

Outdoor and adventure activities – mountain biking, climbing and kayaking

To know each section of the sports industry, you need to understand the type of activities that are carried out and the respective organizations that provide them. For example, if you are planning to engage in sporting goods, you should be aware of the different types of products available from specialty equipment manufacturers and high-end retailers, as well as the names of the different companies involved.

The Sport Industry

Likewise, to seek employment in sport development, you should be aware of the concept of ‘sport development’ and the different jobs available to those responsible for sport development, as well as the organizations that employ them, such as the authorities. local and charitable associations that manage various organizations. Sports.

In general, people take for granted that jobs are limited in the sports industry. However, there are many other opportunities available. A career in the sports industry can range from being a professional athlete, to being a ball girl / boy, to a general manager of a professional sports team. You don’t need to work with a professional sports team to enter this industry. You can start as a coach or coach for a high school team, journalist, sports agent or even work as a TV broadcaster.

The salary spectrum in the sports industry

The sport, the team and the type of job are some of the aspects that affect wages in the sports industry. The following are examples of salary ranges for certain jobs in the sports industry:

Instructor: $ 20,000 – $ 400,000 + (college), $ 20,000 – $ 70,000 (high school)

Athlete: $ 18,000 – $ 1 million

Sports writer: $ 15,000 – $ 1 million

Sport events coordinator: $ 24,000 – $ 90K +

Education depends to a large extent on the type of job one plans to hold. A college degree may not guarantee employment in the industry, but it can provide many job opportunities. In addition, it is almost impossible to enter the sports industry without experience. The best way to prepare for a job in the sports industry is to gain maximum exposure.

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